Fleet Technology is a holding group of growing technology-driven and market-leading companies.


New opportunities through technology

We get excited about creating new opportunities and better solutions with technology. In our efforts, we focus on the B2B segment in the growth industries of mobility, Shareconomy and the Internet of Things. We establish the technological foundation that enables our customers to realize efficient, automated business models.


Spending on mobility will increase by more than 20% per year until 2030. This growth and the need for technological innovation create room for forward-looking companies.

The companies of Fleet Technology fill this space as market leaders. We have a proven understanding of the market. In this dynamic environment, we leverage our experience in successfully implementing new ideas both technically and economically.


Private vehicles remain unused for 95% of their lifetime. Resources are saved and costs are reduced when individual ownership is supplemented by shared use. Flexibility and comfort grow through offers tailored to requirements. Technology makes it possible to apply the principle 'sharing instead of owning' in more and more areas. Mobility is a central sector of the share economy, the volume of which will increase by a factor of over 20 by 2025.

The technological innovations of INVERS have made vehicle sharing comfortable, reliable and cost-effective for users. INVERS has thus enabled the growth of many shared mobility operators and has significantly advanced the worldwide adoption of shared mobility.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is becoming increasingly widespread and is playing a major role in many different areas, from health and sports to smart homes, mobility, production and logistics. Private, public and economic aspects are interlinked through increased possibilities. In 2025, the Internet of Things will account for up to 11% of the global economy.

With the development of the first car sharing on-board computer in 1993, INVERS has done pioneering work in this field. With this advantage in experience, our interdisciplinary development team acts confidently in the realisation of projects in existing and new business areas.


Alexander Kirn

Alexander Kirn has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He founded his first company, an internet service provider, at age 14. After selling the company, he became an investment professional at Summit Partners, focusing on growing software-oriented companies. In 2009 he founded Fleet Technology to grow and expand technology companies in growth markets. He has been CEO of INVERS and LapID since 2012, which now have more than 170 employees. Alexander Kirn is a graduate of the University of St. Gallen and the Harvard Business School MBA program.

Companies in the
Fleet Technology Group

Fleet Technology will continue to actively expand through implementing further ideas and business models in the three market segments: mobility, Shareconomy, and the Internet of Things.

INVERS, inventor of automated vehicle sharing, enables mobility providers to launch, operate and scale their businesses with the first and market-leading shared mobility operating system. Mobility services in over 50 countries rely on our comprehensive, modular technology stack.

Founded in 2006, LapID Service GmbH is the leading provider for the automation of compliance tasks in the vehicle fleet. More than 2,500 customers with over 250,000 drivers trust LapID. With LapID, vehicle fleets canüber use the legally required driver's license control and driver instruction conveniently in one system. Moreover, LapID is tested by TÜV SÜD Sec-IT GmbH, the driver instruction according to UVV via e-learning is certified by DGUV.

Both Fleet Technology companies, INVERS and LapID, are already market leaders in their industry segments. In addition to continuing to grow both companies, we also want to deploy new ideas.


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