Fleet Technology is a holding group of growing technology-driven and market-leading companies.


New opportunities through technology

We get excited about creating new opportunities and better solutions with technology. In our efforts, we focus on the B2B segment in the growth industries of mobility, Shareconomy and the Internet of Things. We establish the technological foundation that enables our customers to realize efficient, automated business models.


The mobility market is changing and will nearly quadruple by the year 2020. Technology is driving many of these changes and offers room for new concepts and businesses.

The Fleet Technology companies arose from these market changes. Through successfully growing both companies into market leaders, we have gained extensive market expertise and the experience to implement new ideas from both a technological and business perspective.


With the help of technology, the principle of “Sharing instead of owning” has already become established in some areas – not just due to cost savings and the good feeling of protecting the environment, but often because it also increases comfort and flexibility. Car sharing – the poster child for Shareconomy – is predicted to increase tenfold by 2020.

The technological innovations from INVERS have made sharing vehicles comfortable, reliable and cost-effective for users. As such, INVERS has enabled the growth of many car sharing businesses and significantly driven the rise of car sharing worldwide.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is increasingly becoming a reality thanks to energy-efficient hardware, ever-present data communication and the widespread distribution of smartphones. By 2020, the number of networked “Things” will increase fivefold to 25 billion.

By developing the first car sharing onboard computer, INVERS laid a cornerstone in the world of networked things back in 1993. Our interdisciplinary development team uses this competitive edge and experience to conduct projects in existing as well as new business fields.


Alexander Kirn

Alexander Kirn has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. He founded his first company, an internet service provider, at age 14. After selling the company, he became an investment professional at Summit Partners, focusing on growing software-oriented companies. In 2009 he founded Fleet Technology to grow and expand technology companies in growth markets. He has been CEO of INVERS and LapID since 2012, which now have more than 60 employees. Alexander Kirn is a graduate of the University of St. Gallen and the Harvard Business School MBA program.

Companies in the
Fleet Technology Group

Fleet Technology will continue to actively expand through implementing further ideas and business models in the three market segments: mobility, Shareconomy, and the Internet of Things.

INVERS is the globally leading tech company for shared mobility powering more than 30 million trips a year. With innovative SaaS and IoT-based products, INVERS Shared Mobility OS enables new mobility services in over 30 countries, from carsharing in Dubai, scooter sharing in Berlin and New York, ride pooling in Hamburg and peer-to-peer carsharing in Paris.

Founded in 2006, LapID Service GmbH is the leading supplier for the automation of compliance responsibilities in the fleet. Above 2,000 customers with more than 200,000 drivers trust LapID. Our customers include InfraServ Knapsack, ABLE Group, Coca-Cola and IBM. With LapID, fleets use the legally required driver’s license check and driver instruction according to German UVV conveniently in one system. Data processing at LapID is certified by TÜV Süd.

Both Fleet Technology companies, INVERS and LapID, are already market leaders in their industry segments. In addition to continuing to grow both companies, we also want to deploy new ideas.


Current Jobs with Fleet Technology Companies

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